Delivering Authenticity to target audiences and markets

Using a common set of tools, procedures and standards provided by The Authenticity Institute, Inc., each Authenticity Enterprise brings Authenticity solutions to organizations and individuals in its target market in order to solve problems caused by inauthenticity that market.

The Authenticity Enterprises listed here are in various stages of development.

Our Enterprises

Groups Of Authenticity Enterprises Serve Four Roles

Factory Enterprises

which serve other Authenticity Enterprises with core platform services

Community Enterprises

which serve associations, publishers serving target audiences, and groups

Placeware Enterprises

which build digital commercial and residential InDoor spaces (buildings)

Solutions Enterprises

which solve inauthenticity problems in target markets

  • The Authenticity Institute, Inc

    The Authenticity Institute, Inc., licenses the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure and its components to the other Authenticity Enterprises and provides a variety of business services to them, including training and certification, website development, hosting, billing and accounting, and ongoing supervision.

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  • Authenticity Capital

    Authenticity Capital serves angel investors and crowdsourcing participants by providing opportunities to participate in the development of one or more Authenticity Enterprises, and serves Authenticity Entrepreneurs in recruiting team members, board members, and investors.

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  • The Council of Attestation Officers

    The Council of Attestation Officers (CAO) recruits and qualifies Attestation Officer candidates from among notary signing agents, Latin notaries, justices of the peace, court reporters, etc. CAO arranges enrollment and upgrade sessions between individuals and Attestation Officers (AOs), takes responsibility for ensuring all AO relationships are supported by backup AOs, and takes responsibility for ensuring that escrow requirements are responsibly met by AOs.

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  • Applied Authenticity

    Applied Authenticity develops client software that understands and observes InDoor™ protocols. Its products include the Osmio VRD PhoneWallet, WebWallet, and CryptoWallet:, the Roadster™ secure, Aauthenticity-enabled browser; and the Door™ client software, providing access to InDoor™ facilities.

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  • The City of Osmio

    “There is no such thing as decentralized governance.” Osmio provides Duly Constituted Public Authority in multiple forms, all of which are built upon its services as a PKIDR™ certification authority to the Enterprises of the Authenticity Alliance and to the participants in The Authentiverse

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  • Geneva Privacy

    Geneva Privacy is a renamed version of its predecessor Clean Safe Cloud, providing data center and infrastructure services to individuals and companies who want the security of PKIDR™ plus the added protection accorded by of Swiss privacy regulations.

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  • Authenticity Store

    The Authenticity Store serves other Authenticity Enterprises by providing e-commerce services in marketing and fulfillment of their Authenticity products and services.

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  • Reliable Identities, Inc

    Reliable Identities, Inc., markets PKIDR-based solutions to enterprises. The complete enterprise package is called AITE, or Authenticity In The Enterprise.

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  • Authenticity University

    Authenticity University provides courses and certifications for Authenticity Entrepreneurs, Osmio Professional Licensees, members of the Osmio governing commissions, and others looking to learn about Authenticity.

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  • PKI Press

    PKI Press publishes books about Authenticity for target audiences.

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  • The ZK Group

    Provides the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product.

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