About Authenticity™

Good guys vs. bad guys? NO!

Imagine telling a building lobby receptionist, "Please determine the intentions of everyone who enters the building, and also determine whether they are good or bad people."

If you think that's an unreasonable request, and if you know how a building works, then you are better prepared to judge security approaches than the security experts are.

Bit-stream folly

The current practice of information security is mostly about determining the intentions and character of the sender of a stream of bits. Problem: in most cases that is impossible.

When it is possible, it's because the intruder lacks skills or funding. In other words, information security products tend to deter the least threatening attacks. That renders mainstream information security efforts ineffective or even useless.

Authenticity™ Works Where Security Technology Has Failed Us.

Build Your Own Authenticity™ Enterprise

See the “Our Enterprises” tab to learn about the many opportunities to create value by bringing Authenticity to the market where your good reputation has been built on strong performance.

  • By establishing measurably reliable identities
  • By designing and building online spaces upon a foundation of reliable identity, PKI, and InDoor™ standards and practices.