Authenticity is as big as the Internet itself

“The Internet Is Broken” proclaims the title of an MIT Technology Review cover story, while Stanford University's Clean Slate Initiative explores the idea of scrapping the existing Internet and starting over.

Spam brings us phishing attacks that deliver malware that in turn builds botnets. Fraud and predation pervade everyday online experience. Identities - and cash - are stolen in batches.

While the information security industry assures us “we're working on it,” people grow ever more wary of their Internet experience - even as they come to depend upon it more and more.

All those security problems are an effect of a bigger problem, and that problem is inauthenticity. People and sites are not who and what they claim to be.

The other side of that coin is that if you solve inauthenticity then you solve a lot of other problems. Security is just one of them.

And if you solve inauthenticity you bring new convenience and value to the lives of people in your audience everywhere.

Authenticity works where security technology has failed us.

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